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 SMS Short Cuts

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PostSubject: SMS Short Cuts   11/13/2007, 4:43 am

1dRfl wonderful
2 to/too/two
2dA today
2moro tomorrow
2nite tonite
3dom freedom
4 for
4get forget
4N foreign
ADN any day now
AFAIK as far as I know
AFAIR as far as I recall
ASAP as soon as possible
ATM at the moment
B be
B4 before
B4N bye for now
BB bye-bye
Bf boyfriend
BG big grin
BION believe it or not
BK big kiss
BTDT been there, done that
BTW by the way
By busy
C see/sea
CB call back
CUL see you later
CWYL chat with you later
DUZ does
DUZNT doesn't
F2F free to talk?
G2G got to go
Gf girlfried
Gr8 great
Grr angry
H2 how to
HUH have you heard?
IC I see
ICCL I couldn't care less
IK I know
ILU (or ILY) I love you
in4ml informal
KISS keep it simple, stupid
KUTGW keep up the good work
@ At
MSG Message
W With
ATB All the best
NE Any
W/O Without
B Be, Bee
NETHNG Anything
WKND Weekend
BCNU I'll be seeing you
NE1 Anyone
XLNT Excellent
BWD Backward
NO1 No-one
XOXOX Hugs and kisses
B4 Before
OIC Oh, I see
YR Your
PCM Please call me
1 One, Won
CU See you
PLS Please
DOIN Doing
PPL People
L8 late
L8r later
LMK et me know
M8 mate
MOF matter of fact
MT empty
MTE my thoughts exactly
NAGI not a good idea
Ne any
Ne1 anyone
nrg energy
OK okay
ONNA oh no, not again!
OTT over the top
PCM please call me
Pls please
PTL praise the Lord
R are
Re regarding
RUOK are you okay?
Spk speak
Sry sorry
SWAK ealed with a kiss
THX thanks
TTYL talk to you later
TXT text
U you
U@ you at? (where are you?)
UOK you okay?
UR your/you're
Usu usually
W8 wait
W84M wait for me
Wan2 want to
wn when
WMF works for me
XLNT excellent
Y why
YM you mean
YR yeah, right
GONNA Going to
SUM1 Someone
3SUM Threesome
FWD Forward
MOB Mobile

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juniour member
juniour member

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PostSubject: Re: SMS Short Cuts   11/14/2007, 9:09 am

thank u
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SMS Short Cuts
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